Questions We Regularly Get (And You Likely Have) – Part II

May 9, 2021 - By thinkitfirst

Earlier this year, we shared Part I of our “Questions We Regularly Get (And You Likely Have)” piece. Let’s get going on Part II!

How will I know if anyone is visiting my site?

Crucial to any digital product is the analytics under the hood, namely Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Both of these products are free.

Google Analytics will show you how people are arriving at and behaving on your site. You’ll be able to know where they’re coming from, what devices they’re using, how long they’re staying, what content they’re engaging with, where they’re leaving and so much more.

Google Search Console will show you how your site is performing, in the eyes of the almighty Google. It will identify errors, broken links, and other things that you can fix to improve your standing.

If you already have GA and GSC accounts set up from a previous site, great. We can use those. If not, we’re happy to get them up and running for you.

Struggling with what to do with all the data? As a certified SharpSpring™ agency partner, we give our clients access to a suite of high-power digital marketing tools to drive more leads, convert more sales, and prove ROI just like the Fortune 500 companies do it.

What if we end up wanting to change or add something to our scope?

That’s a good question that we’ll answer with a question: “Why?” We want to be sure that any additions or requested changes to a site-in-development are aligned with the site’s role in relation to your business. Provided we reach consensus, we’ll scope out a change order. We’ll only begin work on the request with your written approval.

How compatible will the product be across devices and browsers?

We design for all major devices and browsers. Obviously those trends change, so we keep up. Ultimately, we practice responsive design, ensuring that our products look, feel and function appropriately on any screen. If, on the off chance, you need to support an older device or an older browser, we can make that happen with some additional planning and scope.

What exactly do you mean by “information architecture?”

Information architecture is the relationship of how all the different pages of a website are related to each other. We communicate this visually through a Sitemap.

What is a Think it First Blueprint?

It’s our take on the wireframe. We feel that traditional wireframes and their simple boxes and squiggly lines don’t effectively communicate any sense of realness or interactivity. The more we can bring a wireframe to life, the better the sense of the final outcome you’ll have. In terms of a final design, a Think it First blueprint isn’t really missing much. Color, final graphics, and imagery are the only elements purposefully left out. This is done to limit distraction from aesthetics in order to focus on the real structure of the design.

Blueprinting also helps us figure out functionality dilemmas earlier in the process, allows us to test on various devices sooner rather than later and make iterations and changes easier to execute.

Don’t see an answer you like?

First and foremost, we are here to help. Our work is completely custom and every new client poses a unique set of challenges we love to solve. We also try our best to educate and inform you along the ride with us. Let’s talk about your ideas and how our work can help them materialize. Reach out to us!