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Website Design

A website excels as the combined product of strategic planning, human insight, and functional design.

Design means more to us than aesthetic appeal

Today, your website is the beating heart of the business. If you want to make a great impression, it’s gotta look good. But, we think the best websites go beyond aesthetic appeal. What visitors want more is to be seduced in their hearts and minds. In our view, dynamic websites appeal to our inner sense of order and logic, but with a hint of surprise – equal parts vision, functionality, and usability.

To us, the goal of successful custom website design is to elevate the perception of value in your organization. First, we seek to educate and inform with smart navigation and organization of content. This helps show your users how to get what they want quickly and easily. Second, we design in the details. Purposefully, we remove the distractions to your objectives and focus only on the elements that build quality around your brand. By design, we are building the trust that you are the perfect solution your visitors have been looking for.

Responsive design is here for good

A responsive web design is an approach to designing your website that takes into account flexible grids, screen widths, and media queries so that your users experience your intended website regardless of which device they use to access the web. One “single” website design, is no longer a thing. Think it First sees deep into the various screens for which people may see your site and designs, tests, and codes specifically for those “media sizes”. Of course, we’re also testing for browser compatibility, content relation, mobile vs desktop usability, etc.

Design isn’t always visible

While the visual components of your website or application contribute its success, our designs also live under the hood. Every custom website we undertake includes the following considerations:

  • Foundational SEO practice
  • Strategic underlayment
  • Browser compatibility
  • Responsive design principles
  • Code quality
  • Standards compliance
  • Usability
  • Accessibility

We delight in strategy. Built deep in our bones is a creative problem solving nature and a pixel perfect fixation. This is evident in our design style, and we’re always pushing our limits.

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