Because No One Wants Another Self-Aggrandizing Newsletter in Their Inbox

March 9, 2022 - By Dave Clarke

Over the years, we’ve amassed quite a universe of contacts. Clients past and present. Vendors. Partners. Prospects that didn’t sign that we’re still close with. Employees that moved on to other cool things.

Recently, we decided that we wanted to do something with that universe. That naturally led us to think “newsletter!” We thought about rounding up our most recent blog posts, showcasing our latest projects, and curating a bunch of interesting content from around the web.

But then we thought otherwise.

We thought otherwise because that’s what every other agency newsletter does.

We thought otherwise because “here’s what we’ve been up to” probably isn’t all that interesting to our audience. And it definitely isn’t useful. It’s actually kind of smug. Nobody likes navel-gazing.

Ultimately, though, it came down to our audience. Every person in our audience is different from the next. They work in different industries. They have different roles. They’re designers, executives, founders, marketers, CFOs, account reps, lawyers, developers, content specialists, CEOs—you get the idea.

But there was (and is) a single commonality. Every person in our audience relies on technology to get things done.

And that has led us to create Digital Matters, a semi-regular email that contains digital-first ideas, products, and strategies that can help you better do your job and live your life. It’s concise, to-the-point, and simple. You can read all the latest issues here. If you like it, climb aboard and subscribe below!

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