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Responsive Website Design

One website for every screen – phone to desktop.

Responsive Design

The landscape is shifting, perhaps more quickly than anyone expected. Mobile browsing has already outpaced desktop-based access. We now design for mice and keyboards, trackpads and touchscreens.

Think it First believes that good design is accessible design. That’s why we factor everybody in the equation. Our sites and web applications are designed upon a flexible grid system to ensure that mobile and tablet users can access your website as you’ve intended, wherever they are. Three column layouts become two on tablets, and a single column on phones. Clicks become swipes. Lists become drop downs. The horizontal assumes the vertical.

One code base is a big deal

In the fast-moving realm of mobile website design, responsive web design has taken preference over “mobile-only”, (also known as “”) versions of the website. Rather than creating a beautiful, feature-full site that will display well on large desktops and then hiding design elements and functionality as the user’s screen shrinks, mobile-first designs are emerging. No longer are website managers on the hook for the maintenance and content on both platforms.

When we know a client’s user base is predominantly mobile, we design mobile-first and then scale up to the desktop version. That way we know our intended functionality and interactive media is available, where the majority of customer’s are!

Responsive is also good for search

Responsive design has a unique advantage in terms of Search Engine Optimization because responsive sites deliver the same HTML code, no matter the device. This makes it easier and faster for search engines like Google to index a responsive website.

Things to consider:

  • Time & Money
  • Older Browsers
  • Performance
  • Content
  • Website vs. Web App?
  • Design/Development Process

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