Heavyocity - Think it First

Modern Scoring Tools for Music Production


The Challenge

Heavyocity provides cutting edge instruments and environmental sounds to power the music score for many of today’s blockbuster movies and hit television shows. They approached us with an existing WordPress website running on a WooCommerce shopping cart backbone. The existing website was sound. The content, design and functionality met their needs, but they had some big ideas that needed to push the extents of what WooCommerce typically does. Heavyocity needed a partner who could work with them to stretch their vision and do it within the framework of a website that already met a lot of customers expectations. But sometimes when things are going well, that is the best time to think about your next strategic move.

Our Approach

We started with a complete overhaul and update of the CMS and e-Commerce systems to be sure that everything was modern and in compliance (safety first!). Then we added custom user dashboard feature allowing Heavyocity customers the ability to view previous orders, download product updates, register purchased products and to reach out for support. The new user dashboard also allowed Heavyocity to strategically market to customers with product offerings that aligned well with what they already owned. It gave them a vision into their customers buying habits that they never had before.

Think it First also re-platformed the product download and serial code generation systems that Heayocity uses to distribute their digital products. This allowed them to move away from a legacy system that constrained their technology desires and budget.