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Flexibility at Work

The FlexPro Group

The Challenge

The FlexPro Group is a specialty consulting firm, focused on delivering project management expertise to clients in the Life Sciences. Thanks in part to a unique company culture and a consultative approach to Project management services, FlexPro has enjoyed huge growth and multiple awards in their first three years in business. Most notably, spots on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in 2013, 2014, and 2016, as well as the Philadelphia100 in multiple years. But when the company saw growth coming to an unnerving plateau, they sought out Think it First to understand why. As it turns out, it wasn’t that they didn’t have projects in the pipeline, they simply didn’t have the pool of talent on their team to execute on the work. FlexPro needed to pivot their marketing strategy to aid in acquiring new talent to build their internal team.

Our Approach

Think it First developed a comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plan that would improve FlexPro’s talent acquisition pipeline. Our strategy document offered unique insights, exposed business process inefficiencies, rigorously analyzed competition, and proposed marketing solutions based on achievable goals that could be measured.

Hiring a FlexPro Consultant gave clients the ability to limit overhead project costs, and on the other hand, Project Managers looking to become FlexPro Consultants would enjoy a better work/life balance, not found with other full-time jobs in the industry. It became clear what FlexPro was actually selling to both business parties — ‘Flexibility’. It became our purpose to develop the platform to communicate these unique benefits to both parties.

To execute on the strategy we had laid forth, the tagline, ‘Flexibility at work’, was developed to provide the unique selling proposition and position FlexPro against competing solutions, such as Staffing Firms, and large Consulting organizations. FlexPro was already offering wonderful benefits to their Consultants, we just needed to tell the world! Think it First redesigned the identity and marketing collateral, redeveloped the core marketing messages and website content, filmed, scripted and produced a FlexPro brand video, developed online engagement tools, all trickling back to a new device-responsive, WordPress-run website that is deceptively simple, focused, and fun.